Congratulations to Lurie College Faculty Member Lorri Capizzi!

Congratulations to Department of Counselor Education Lecturer, Dr. Lorri Capizzi, who will continue on with the Lurie College community in the Fall 2020 semester as an assistant professor!

For the last 14 years Dr. Capizzi has taught both undergraduate and graduate-level courses as well as served as faculty advisor to over 75 Master’s Candidates. She has 10 years of placing and supervising school counselors in their internships/field-work in high need districts and in juvenile court schools for students under court supervision. Dr. Capizzi also has over 15 years of federal grant administration experience where she co-authored and managed multi-million dollar budgets. Dr. Capizzi has extensive experience working with first-generation low-income students in K-12 and in higher education. Her professional interests include examining social justice-based school counseling and its role in increasing access to higher education for foster youth and students experiencing homelessness.

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