Connect with Lurie College and SJSU

Get connected to helpful online resources as we prepare for the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester!  Here are some initial Lurie College of Education and SJSU resources:
Connect with Lurie College webpage – Connect with our Instagram accounts – @sjsulurie and @luriesuccess – connect with our faculty members’ Twitter accounts and Spotify playlists, view our upcoming events, and much more!
Lurie College Student Success Center webpage – Connect with our academic advisors, attend an upcoming workshop, and more!
Discover SJSU website – Visit this new webpage to learn about helpful resources and upcoming opportunities across SJSU!
SJSU Sammy mobile app – Chat with students, connect with student organizations, learn about upcoming events, and more!
SJSU Learn Anywhere website – Learn how to use SJSU’s online platforms, read FAQs, and more!
SJSU Events webpage – Learn about upcoming events from SJSU’s colleges, campus centers, student organizations, and more!
SJSU Blogs directory – Access all of the blogs across SJSU, including the Lurie College blog!

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