Leaders of Lurie College | Rose

Meet Rose, SJSU alumni / staff and one of the leaders of Lurie College!
“As single mom of two with a full-time career, the thought of college was overwhelming, yet I wanted so much to earn my degree. I justified why I shouldn’t pursue it. “I’m too old, I wouldn’t fit in, I’m scared” were my thoughts. My head told me no, but my heart told me otherwise. So I began my journey. I attended part-time, stayed consistent, and earned my BA and my MA. I encourage anyone in this position to listen to your heart if it speaks to you. If we are not challenging ourselves, we are not growing.”
Learn about more Leaders of Lurie College and learn more about the SJSU Lurie College of Education!

The Leaders of Lurie College series has been curated by Brian Cheung Dooley.

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