Lurie College Faculty Awarded Teacher Residency Grant

SJSU Lurie College student receives guidance on administering a hearing test.
Reports in recent years, such as one from the Learning Policy Institute, a nonprofit and nonpartisan research center, have highlighted how recruitment and retention challenges are resulting in national teaching shortages and how teacher residency programs can address these challenges.  In light of that, Lurie College of Education faculty David Whitenack and Lisa Simpson recently applied for and were awarded a Teacher Residency Grant through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to create opportunities for Lurie College students to complete special education, STEM, and/or bilingual education residency programs.  Dr. Whitenack and Dr. Simpson were one of 33 grant recipients and have established a partnership with Franklin McKinley School District to host the residency program.  This grant will create opportunities for 10 Lurie College students to participate in and benefit from the year-long residency program on their journey to becoming impactful educators!
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