Lurie College Faculty Published in CAPEA Journal

Congratulations to Department of Teacher Education faculty David Whitenack, Department of Special Education faculty Andrea Golloher, and Department of Educational Leadership faculty Rebeca Burciaga, whose research article “Intersectional Reculturing for All Students: Preparation and Practices for Educational Leaders” was recently published in the CAPEA Journal. Check out the abstract below and read the full article at!
Situated in the context of U.S. educational outcomes, education policy in California, and UNESCO’s definition of inclusive education, we examine how schools have addressed student diversity. Methods of identifying students with disabilities are not adequately designed to identify English learners with disabilities. In part to address that problem, we introduce the concept of intersectional reculturing as an approach for educators to consider students’ intersectional identities in order to address inequitable educational outcomes. We then present a theoretically grounded proposal for intersectionally recultured preparation of educational leaders, including use of a framework aligned with universal design for learning (UDL).

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