Lurie College Hiring Student Research Assistant

As part of a collaborative project focusing on the intersections between dual immersion programs and students with disabilities, we are able to offer a student research assistant position. This position is funded for 60 hours of work through the fall and spring 2020-2021 academic year. In compliance with university policy, this position will pay $16/hr. This opportunity will provide you with experience working directly with faculty investigating issues surrounding dual immersion programs and special education, where you will be responsible for helping create a database of research participants, collecting data. While we will be recruiting multiple student volunteers, we also anticipate the person hired for this position to lead activities with other student volunteers.
Benefit to you: Exposure to research, and mentorship plus interdisciplinary experience. It is our desire that the candidate will be enriched and their abilities in conducting research will be expanded. The person selected for this position will have the opportunity to play an active role in the planning and implementation of this research.
Required Qualifications
Interest in education, social justice and equity issues.
Strong interpersonal communication skills through multiple communication methods (e.g., phone, email).
Familiar with educational institutions (districts, schools, levels of district management/organization).
Data-base management on excel.
Organization and time management skills.
Preferred Qualifications
Able to communicate in two or more languages and demonstrate the ability to communicate interculturally.
Have taken/are taking a research methods course.
If you are interested in participating in this project:
Submit this Google Form by Wednesday, September 23, that includes:
A resume
A list of references (2-3 references, including one faculty/staff member at SJSU)
A cover letter that describes your interest in participating in this project.

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