Lurie College Reflects on Website Messaging

The Lurie College of Education is a learning community dedicated to equity and excellence.  It’s essential that the college strives for those ideals internally so that it’s able to support San Jose State University Spartans and the surrounding community in their pursuits of learning, equity, and excellence, which is why Lurie College recently partnered up with Modern Tribe to envision what the next iteration of the Lurie College website could look like so that it’s a more equitable, excellent resource.  One of the activities that students, faculty, and staff completed was a card sort in which they considered various descriptors and whether those aligned with the messages the college wants to convey on its website.  Your input is welcomed – please complete this 5-minute assessment on the current and future states of the Lurie College website!
Learn more about the SJSU Lurie College of Education at  Photo by Brian Cheung Dooley.

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