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Lisa A. Simpson, Ed.D., teaches courses in the Education Specialist credential and Master’s degree programs.  Her research interests are focused on the use of peer-mediated interventions to improve academic and social outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorders in inclusive settings.  She is also examining preparation practices of preservice teachers through cross-credential collaborations, co-teaching, and residency models to ensure candidates are fully prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners in PK-12 classrooms.  Read more below and listen to Lisa’s personality playlist on the Lurie College Spotify account!

Ed.D., Learning and Instruction (Concentration in Special Education), University of San Francisco
M.Ed., Special Education / Emotional Disturbances, Texas Tech University
B.S., Elementary Education / Special Education, Texas Tech University
Simpson, L. A., Maffini, C. S., & Schuck, R. K. (2019). Examining use of school personnel in CBT interventions for anxiety in students with ASD. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 54, 301-312.
Golloher, A., Whitenack, D., Simpson, L.A., & Sacco, D. (2018). From the ground up: Providing support to emergent bilinguals to distinguish language difference from disability. Insights Into Learning Disabilities,15, 127-147.
Simpson, L.A. & Bui, Y. N. (2017). Reading Buddies: A strategy to increase peer interaction in students with autism. Intervention in School and Clinic, 53, 44-49.
Simpson, L. A. & Bui, Y.N. (2016). Effects of a peer-mediated intervention on social interactions of students with low-functioning autism and perceptions of typical peers. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 51(2), 162-178.
Simpson, L. A., Golloher, A., & Love, M. (2019). Identifying best practices in preservice preparation for high leverage practice: Collaboration. Accepted Presentation for Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children Conference. New Orleans, LA.
Golloher, A., & Simpson, L.A. (2018) Bridging the departmental divide to develop collaboration skills in general and special education preservice candidates. Presentation for the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children Conference. Las Vegas, NV.
Simpson, L. A. (2018). What’s in the Paraeducator’s Toolbox? Educational accommodations for students with autism spectrum disorders. Poster Presentation for Council for Exceptional International Conference. Tampa, FL.
CTC Teacher Residency Grant: SJSU and Franklin McKinley School District – Education Specialist Lead
Autism and anxiety
Autism and social interactions
Autism spectrum disorders
Peer-mediated interventions
Teacher preparation

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