Opportunities for Early Childhood Connections

If you are passionate about helping young children, under age 5, reach their full potential, here are two chances to connect with your early childhood people this summer and beyond. These opportunities are open to anyone interested in working with young children – as a teacher, therapist, counselor, program director, or any of the other professions committed to young children.
Apply for Early Childhood Connections to get together and cultivate relationships with current students and Spring 2020 graduates from across SJSU Lurie College of Education programs who share career goals related to early childhood. You will engage in six (online for now) networking meetings, starting in August, to build community, learn from alumni and other professionals already in the field, and build your path as you pursue a career involving young children. Participants will have a chance to shape the program as it unfolds, from August 2020 to April 2021 and will earn a $200 stipend for their commitment. Supported by the LCOE and the SJSU Early Childhood Institute, this is an opportunity to learn, grow, lead and most importantly, connect! Questions? Email us at [email protected]
Join the Early Childhood Student Alumni Network, a recognized student group that is building a broader interdisciplinary network of current San Jose State University students interested in working with young children and alumni currently in the field.
Whether you are graduating this spring or continuing on in your journey through SJSU, we hope one or both of these opportunities is right for you!

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