SJSU Faces of Learning Project | Meet Co-Researcher Edith

The Lurie College Faces of Learning Project shines a light on SJSU students’ learning experiences – huge thanks to undergraduate student Edith Urbano for sharing her experience with us!  When asked what she learned about herself during this project, she said “I really enjoyed hearing my fellow peers and other students’ stories.  As a fellow student myself, it was reassuring to know that we all go through the same struggles and experience our own little victories.”
Visit to view the student-curated photo exhibition and RSVP to attend our student panel on Thu., Apr. 30, at 12pm.

– Name: Edith Urbano Ixta– Pronouns: she/her– Year and Major / Minor: Child and Adolescent Development major,  Sociology of Education minor– Fun Fact / Hobby: Fun fact: I am left-handed. Hobby: I love going thrifting with my friends.– What motivated you to participate in this project? I was motivated to be part of this project to bring the stories of students to life and put faces to the statistics that come from the school.

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