SJSU Spring 2020 Credit/No Credit Grading Options

If you’re considering the credit/no credit grading option at SJSU for the Spring 2020, semester, here are some additional things to think about:
Credit/No-Credit may be a good option if:
You are struggling with the transition to online-only learning.
You do not need to boost your GPA to get into a major
You have a special circumstance that prevents you from performing to your typical standards.
Credit/No-Credit may NOT be a good option if:
You feel your current course grade will raise your GPA.
You are looking to boost your GPA to get into a major or minor with a minimum GPA requirement.
You are using veteran’s benefits, are a student-athlete or an international student. Talk to your advisor before you decide.
Additional Considerations
A CR in an undergraduate class is earned by getting at a C- or higher.
A CR in a graduate course is earned by getting a B- or higher.
In some courses, such as GE, a D+, D, or D- counts toward requirements. If you earn a NC, you will need to repeat the course to complete the requirement.
If you are considering graduate school, consult with your advisor.
If you are on academic probation, consult with your advisor. A CR grade will replace D/F/W and could raise your GPA.
If you select Credit/No Credit by May 1, 2020, the change will be reflected on your transcript at the end of the semester.  If you wait until June 8, 2020, the change will not be reflected on your transcript until later in the summer.  For more information, visit

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