Watch our MA in Special Education Student Research Project Presentations

Congratulations to our Lurie College graduate students in our Department of Special Education who recently presented their final research projects!

3:34 – Nathaly Cisneros-Mendoza: “Perceptions of Latino/a parents when accessing services for their child with autism”
11:51 – Marissa Richers: “Cerebral Palsy: The impacts on a child’s motor and social development”
20:32 – Fatema Rahim: “Impact of South Asian cultural views on parents of children with special needs”
29:12 – Monica Gonzalez: “The effect of a graphic organizer intervention on math word problem solving skills for English language learners with high incidence disabilities”
40:26 – Elizabeth Sanchez: “The effect of culture on parent involvement in special education”
50:31 – Ashley Highsmith: “The disproportionality of black students in special education”
1:02:00 – Madison Henry: “Homeschooling vs public schooling: Decisions to homeschool children with special needs”
1:10:01 – Dilkash Ahmed: “Teacher perceptions of assistive technology classroom implementation”
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